Campaign Manager: Sara Navarro

Born and raised in Mexico, Sara came to the United States at age of 16. She overcame her first challenge learning a new language and a whole new culture and sought a career in marketing and sales to improve her communications. Shortly after gaining employment with our energy client, she was asked to oversee a branch office location in Chicago due to her relentless drive and work ethic.

Sara enjoys working with motivated individuals every day to accomplish mutually beneficial goals. Playing sports competitively has influenced her approach to business and she remains very competitive and focused on pushing herself to accomplish goals. She loves that hard work, commitment, the will to succeed and a positive attitude are valued and rewarded with growth and advancement at Aras Global Inc.


Jose Lopez: Senior Corporate Executive

Before working for Aras Global Inc Jose was in the United States Marines. The combination of his leadership experience, competitiveness and dedication helped greatly in his transition from military life to corporate life. When asked, Jose said his favorite trait about working at Aras Global Inc is the atmosphere. “The office makes me feel like my coworkers are not just my colleagues but my family. I have been able to build such a strong bond with my team, just like I did in the military.  If you are looking for a fast paced environment that strictly bases their promotions on performance and teamwork, this is a company you should be striving for. I am a United States Marine and I approve this message.”


diegoCorporate Executive: Diego Lopez

A graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a degree in Management Science and Information Systems, Diego was no stranger to the business world before working with Aras Global Inc. Prior, he worked for the Department of Management and Enterprise but knew he was capable of so much more than just a desk job and a 9-5 only position. He started seeking more entrepreneurial oriented positions and quickly stumbled upon our Management Training Program.  He now prides himself on having a career that is controlled by his ambition and willingness to work, versus tenure. In his free time, he enjoys playing piano and soccer and traveling the world. In 10 years, he sees himself overseeing an office for our client on the West Coast! Bye, bye Chicago winters!


 Human Resources Manager: Zulma Alcaraz 

Zulma has always had a passion for helping others in any way she could. Whether it was volunteering, mentoring or donating, she loves to get involved. Now, she recruits for Aras Global Inc. where she has the resources and tools to help those in need of a new opportunity! She enjoys getting to know her candidates and seeing if our company is a good fit.

Zulma graduated with a M.A. in Business Psychology and a B.A. Psychology. Education has always been important to her, and she hopes to one day return for her Doctorate!  Her long-term career goal is to advance and grow within the company and have the opportunity to develop and manage a team of recruiters.

For Zulma, HIP HOP IS LIFE. She also enjoys traveling, especially to places she can get a nice tan. She hopes that one of our Assistant Account Managers will open up somewhere warm; if so, she will be visiting!


 Corporate Executive: Josh Richards

Born and raised in Florida, Josh knew that he was meant for more than a traditional 9-5 job. After spending 2 years traveling around the United States learning from different business mentors and coaches, he decided to spend a year in the Chicagoland area. After searching for an opportunity that would allow him to grow and advance, he found Aras Global and instantly fell in love with the team environment and advancement opportunities.